Monday, October 5, 2009

Sammi's Happy Heart

Samantha had her annual physical the other day...aka - the nine year checkup! It went well - she saw a newer doctor, who (besides having one of the most annoying voices in the world) was very nice and took great care of her, as all the doctors at our pediatrician's office have always done for both of our kids. So, we talked about the usual...the flu, to get the shot or not get the shot, nutrition, behavior, oh and of course, this year's hot topic - Swine Flu. Then Jeff and I made a request that I wasn't too sure was going to go over well. We asked if they would give us a referral for Samantha to have an echocardiogram. Yes, we had reasons to be concerned (nothing terrible, don't worry Grandma! lol), which I don't really need to get into. And with those reasons compounded by the fact that I have a heart condition myself, I really wanted them to check her out, because I am concerned about her inheriting my disease. Well, to my mild surprise, they granted our request for a referral to a cardiologist for an echo -- with an EKG to go along with it. I guess I should clarify it was mostly me who pushed for the test to be done. Because we all know I'm a paranoid mommy.

So anyway, the tests were scheduled for today. Sammi was nervous. I guess the idea of "seeing your own heart" is a little scary if you imagine it through the eyes of a child. But, I explained to her that it would be just like when we used to look at David on the screen at the doctor's when he was growing inside me. She remembered how fun that was :) And since I've had both tests myself numerous times in the past, I was 100% in comfortable reassuring her that there was absolutely NOTHING to be afraid of. And of course I assured her, I'd be by her side the whole time.

When it was time, she was very brave.

Especially because her best buddy was there to see her through it all...
Wilbur makes everything ok.
And that's her Looney Tunes "hospital gown", by the way.
Very stylish, I must say ;)

The whole ordeal took about half an hour, but seemed even shorter than that. Sammi was mesmerized by the sight of the valves of her heart fluttering like butterflies on the screen. When it was over, they gave her a big, red sucker, and she announced that she thought the test was actually "really super cool" and she couldn't wait to tell her friends at school all about it. Everything looked good on the scan as far as the technician could thank God...all is well, unless we hear otherwise in the next few days after the cardiologist reads the report. I don't expect a phone call, though...I really feel good about this now. And as we drove home listening to my 80's cd, when "We Are the Champions" came on (which yes, I know, is from the 70's), Sammi giggled and declared herself a "Champion of Health"!
Gotta love her!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Go Away, Monday!

Had a wonderful weekend with my kids...lots of snuggling, lots of watching the endless rain through the window...LOTS of lazing around and doing nothing. But those do make the best kind of weekends! However, as I was tucking my teary-eyed little ones into bed tonight, it occurred to me...there is a HUGE downside to great weekends like this...they make it SO MUCH HARDER to go back to work (and school) on Monday. Ya know? if I didn't hate Mondays enough already. Probably wouldn't be so difficult for me if I didn't work in the most depressing place on the planet. Ok, I guess that's an exaggeration... albeit, a very small one in my opinion. Hug your babies close, everyone. Make sure they know they are safe and loved.