Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What? Back to School? Already????

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??? First of all I cannot believe how scary fast the summer flew by! Second of all -- and most importantly: My baby girl is in 4th Grade, and my baby boy is in Kindergarten??! Can somebody tell me where the past nine years melted away to? And how do I go about getting them back, please? Cause I'm not ready for my kids to be so freakin old.

Minus a few (ok, a ton) of tears from my daughter, they did ok today. I always take off of work on the first day of school so my husband and I can take the kids in to meet their new teachers and see their new rooms and new friends...(and so that I, psycho mom, have that peace of mind of at least having met the person(s) who will be caring for my children during the day). Kindergarten's gonna be a breeze for my son - he could not be bothered with us - he just wanted us to go away so he could have fun in his new classroom! But I sobbed all the way home after walking away from my sobbing 4th grader :-( Truly an emotional day for Mommy...But here's to another wonderful school year! I'm sure it's gonna be full of fun for all :)........right?

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