Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I must've done something right

I am so completely in love with my kids.
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They have always been very affectionate, but lately it's more noticeable for some reason and I just can't believe how lucky I am. They are always telling me how much they love me and how I'm the "best Mama they could ever have". When they say their prayers before bed, one of the things my son ALWAYS says is "Thank you for a wonderful doggie to love us and a wonderful Mommy to love us" melts my heart! And my daughter, who is nine years old and is developing quite the attitude already, is still the sweetest little girl. She adores me, and I thank my lucky stars every day, because lemme tell ya -- some of her little nine year old friends are total MONSTERS!!! I think she's not like that yet partially because of the way she's been raised to love and respect people, and partially because she's a bit All on her own, she would rather cuddle with me or spend time with me over going to play with her friends or going on playdates. And my son looks at me with the most adoring, big, brown eyes. They're the same way with Daddy. They are just the best!!! I know someday that will all be changing. For now, I just feel very fortunate and spend my time wondering what the heck I ever did to deserve such wonderful little creatures in my life!!!


  1. Tara, you really are a wonderful mommy! Your children are so loving because YOU and Jeff are so loving and affectionate with them! I'm amazed at how much Sammi and David sincerely love each other and want to be together all the time! Yes, things will change as they get older but you've given them a good solid foundation.

    Love you very much! Mom

  2. Hey girl!

    It looks like I'm blogger-stalking you, and I kindof am! I didn't know how else to contact you, but I wanted to let you know you need to check out my blog. I don't want to give it away :)

    BTW-- you have the most stinkin' ADORABLE little redheaded kids EVER! That picture of them is beautiful!


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