Saturday, August 15, 2009

Always with the questions!

David: "Mommy, why do bad things exist?"

Me: "Like what, buddy?"

David: "Like bad words...and fire........and--"

Sammi: (interrupting, very matter-of-factly): "Well, David. I know why they exist. It's just because cavemen invented fire and then they all just started saying bad words."

Me: ::trying unsuccessfully to conceal my giggling::

Sammi: "What? Am I wrong??"

Me: " one invented's an element of nature, something that was created by God. It was discovered by cavemen, so you were on the right track."

David: "Ok, well what are dogs made out of?"

Sammi: "................::eye roll and sighhhh::.....muscle, bones, skin, fur..."

David: "And life!"

Sammi: "...Yes, David. And life."

Just thought I'd share my saturday entertainment :)

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  1. David said "exist"? This is so cute - thanks for sharing it!


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