Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bugs, Bugs, Everywhere There's Bugs.

Got outside for a while with my kids this afternoon, despite the intermittent rain. It's almost become a normality now. Oh it's raining? It's ok, in a few minutes it will be blue skies and sun! And then it'll be back again... No biggie.

So a few minutes ago, Samantha walked over to me and told me she made a discovery at the locust tree in our yard...naturally, I was a little concerned. She's not afraid of anything, really. Well, not when it comes to nature, that is...


This little dude was sitting on our picnic table! It's a cicada. But thankfully it's just the "skin".....ugh! She brought him over with her bare hands and is saving it, because she wants to give it to Grandpa John...well, after all, his birthday is coming up this, don't anyone spoil the surprise!

I kinda had to laugh though because I was just saying today that I was amazed that I've only heard them buzzing in the trees twice this whole summer. That's a sure indicator that the temperature has been well below normal for this time of year. I guess the lil buggers heard me and wanted to prove to me that they are indeed with us :) Gee thanks, little cicada friend. You totally made Sammi's day!


  1. Grandpa will LOVE it, lol. I don't think cicadas come out until August which is why we haven't heard them yet. Check with John tomorrow!

  2., I definitely remember hearing them at the early part of the summer too, as soon as it starts getting really hot out. I hate these things, they are so disgusting. Click on the picture if you're really brave. You get an up-close view of all his little hairs and everything. LOL!!


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