Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Class of 2023

Today was David's Pre-K Graduation/Concert! I was really looking forward to this because he's been singing the songs for us for weeks now and I could not wait to see it all put together on stage with all his little friends, and of course, crazy Mr. B! The best part about these kids is the adorable madness that ensues when they perform. None of them are ever doing the same thing at the same time...or singing the same thing at the same time......they make the craziest faces and play with their clothes, hair, yell things out randomly... it's semi-controlled chaos! SO freakin' CUTE!!! I forgot how much I love kids at this age. OF COURSE, I knew I loved my own child. lol! But I honestly really miss working with pre-schoolers. Man are they fun!

Anyway, here are some pics :)

Each of the kids traced themselves and then colored themselves in. David's teacher said he insisted on making his skin orange because he couldn't find a peach colored crayon...oh how I love his attention to detail! lol

Definitely very important and helpful information!

Here they are with their "tickets to Kindergarten"!

I'm a proud Mama :)

And here's the video of some of the best songs they did :) The "Everywhere There's Bugs" song (at the 7:28 mark) is the best! lol

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