Thursday, June 4, 2009

Off She Goes!

Ok, so Samantha's been riding a two wheeler with training wheels since she got her Disney Princess bike on her 5th Birthday.... And of course, we've prodded and encouraged her over the years to give it a shot without the training wheels. We really felt she'd be able to do it - she had great balance and we could see, especially since last summer, that the training wheels hardly ever touched the ground anymore. But she was, of course, always too scared of falling. So ok, we didn't push her. But then yesterday, as I watched my almost 9 year old daughter ride down the street on a still-training-wheel-clad bike, I told Jeff I was really thinking we should just take 'em off and MAKE her try it. I'm not a cruel mom, I swear!! I just knew she'd be alright if she'd just TRY it... but he guaranteed me that both the kids would be riding bikes sans training wheels by the end of the summer - he'd work on it with them all summer long while he was home with them. So whatever - ok, I shut up about it...

Well, ironically, hours later as I was cleaning up from dinner, Jeff yelled to me from the driveway to come outside right away. I got to the window, and what did I see???? Samantha riding like a PRO with NO TRAINING WHEELS!! This was a BIG DEAL to me!! lol, So of course I grabbed my camera immediately!

Samantha - all on her own - had decided she wanted to try it, so Jeff removed the training wheels, and off she went! She looked like she'd been doing it for years!! I'm SOOO proud!!

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  1. I'm so proud of Sammi! And I particularly enjoy listening to David's comments in the background!


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