Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh, David........

About half an hour ago, we were sitting at the dinner table and David, who has a cold, asked to get up to get a tissue. We said sure. So he got up, got a tissue, used it (I guess), came back, and sat down.

A few minutes later, Jeff and I were talking and he noticed David was turned completely around in his chair, so he told him (in the Daddy voice) to turn around and sit the right way.

David said "I was just looking at the bulletin board."

Jeff said "Finish eating and then you can look at it."

...there was a pause...

Then David said "Daddy, actually I want to tell the truth now." (and yes, he did SAY actually)

Jeff, after telling him (in the Daddy voice) that he shouldn't lie, said ok what's the truth?

And David said, very seriously: "Well, I already just got up to get a tissue. After I sat down I needed another one. But I didn't wanna ask now.....I was picking my nose."

Ok maybe you had to be there, but I WISH I HAD THAT ON VIDEO!!