Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Scary Dream...

I had a dream last night that really disturbed me... I had another baby. She was a little girl, with short blonde hair, and she was all dressed in red for some reason. I didn't experience the pregnancy, she was just suddenly there, rolling around on the floor and I was playing with her. And I thought to myself (in the dream)....... I can't even wake up and say "oh it was just a dream. Oh my God, what am I gonna do??"

Sorry, absolutely no offense to anyone who's about to have a baby (Becky), but
for me - having another baby would be a very bad thing. Don't get me wrong - babies are wonderful, I ADORE my children and am happy and thankful to be a Mommy. I just know we can't handle a third - mostly because I couldn't handle it physically. But I look forward to babysitting any babies that might come along from other people in my family :)

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