Saturday, November 17, 2007

Good Times

My dad got me tickets for the Sabres game last night -- Sammi and I had a girls night and went together, and it was amazing. They FINALLY got two more points (15 now. woohoo), we won 4 to 1, for anyone who doesn't know that already - and if you didn't know that already, let me just say... how sad.
Anyway, I'm not really here to blog about the game, but about the Canadiens fans. I have to say, they are very entertaining people. I do realize they were mostly all drunk, and that makes pretty much anyone entertaining. But as I'm sure I don't need to tell you, alcohol can make people mean too.... especially hockey fans....especially hockey fans whose team is getting their ass kicked. But the Habs fans were just FUN!! They were shiny happy people! lol. Even though their boys were getting an ass whooping from the Sabres. Jeff & I took Sammi to a game in March vs. Toronto and the Leafs fans,  for the most part, weren't too bad. Actually, Jeff practically made friends with two of them who sat right behind us. But some others were loud & mean and one got forcibly arrested on the floor of the lobby after the game. You know, Leafs fans, what can ya say? But last night there was a giant group of Habs fans a few rows behind us, outnumbering the Sabres fans in our section, and they were just making everyone laugh. Maybe because they were losing? Who knows. But I saw a lot of high-fiving and chest bumping between them and us.... kinda strange, but funny. I even got some on video. The best part was when they were yelling at Sabretooth and Sabretooth turned around, bent over, lifted up the cape he was wearing, and shook his butt in their face, and they cheered. lol. I tried to get that on video, but I'm not fast enough.

Anyway, all I'm sayin is I was impressed by them - I can only hope that Sabres fans are as fun and entertaining when they go to away games. For some reason though, I doubt it...

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