Monday, September 24, 2007

My Brush With Greatness

So, Saturday I took the kids to the Pepsi Center to see the Sabres practice.... and I gotta say I couldn't have picked a better way to spend the day!! We got there in time to see them practice for about an hour, and we got to sit right behind the bench this time. But the best part was after practice.........
As we were walking outside, a lady behind me told me that she heard that some of the Sabres were signing autographs out back as they came out to go to their cars. So, we followed her back there, and on the way Pominville drove past us in his beautiful car. When we finally got back there, I almost died when I saw Andrew Peters standing in a swarm of fans, signing autographs one after the other, not missing a beat. He was SO nice to everyone - he was talking to the kids, and making conversation with people... it was awesome to see, and now I have a totally different opinion of him than I did before. He did not say no to one person who approached him for an autograph or picture, even though he did say about 100 times that he had to go because he was supposed to go to a wedding. Awesome guy, I love you Petey!
So a few minutes later, I was standing there with the kids, thinkin about giving up and going home, and I turned around to see Derek Roy standing about 10 feet behind me with a group of people around him. So we hurried over to him (I never realized how short he really is!) and I asked him to sign the front of my jersey (the yellow "mullet" part), and he said "oh, sure!" and he signed it while I was wearing it  You'd never know what it says, but you can make out the number 9, which is his number. See?
THEN, about ten minutes after that, I was standing with the kids right outside the back door where they all come out, and suddenly MAX appears in front of me and everyone freaked out and swarmed over to him, pushing me right up against him.................yep.  And the kids too, they were pressed up against his leg. I managed to back up enough to pick up David so he wouldn't be squished. I looked up at Max and said hello and asked him to sign David's jersey, and he did.... and right away David screams "DID HE SIGN IT, MOMMY?!!" It was so cute! So... we were kinda stuck against him for a while because no one was about to move and let us go anywhere, they were just all trying to get closer to him... so I waited a few minutes, the kids & I all staring up at him (I never realized how TALL he is! lol.) And then I asked him to sign my jersey...which he did, right next to where Roysie signed it. Again, you'd never know what it says, but you can make out his number - 61 (see picture above ;-)  I thanked him and he said "you're welcome" in that awesome Russian accent he has that Jeff imitates perfectly!
So, as Ross says.......IT WAS THE BEST DAY... lol
The bad part was that I didn't get anything autographed for Samantha. I offered to get her one from Max, or take her picture with him, but she said she wanted to wait for one of the other guys. So I said ok because I was sure other guys would be coming out. But half an hour after Max left, we realized no one else was coming out. Miller had left a long time before we even got back there, so there was no hope of seeing him, which really upset her. We waited a while longer until one of the trainers came out and confirmed that everyone else had already left. So, we have to go back sometime and get her something really special. I felt so bad!! But all in all, the three of us had an awesome time and I will definitely never forget it, that's for sure  Sorry, but I've never been that close to any of my boys before. lol
Only 11 more days until SABRES SEASON!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Edible Flowers

I just wanted to tell you all about the amazing dinner my husband made for me the other night... I came home from work, my kids were at my in-laws, and my husband was in the kitchen, pouring wine (the bottle Kelly gave me for my birthday -- amazingly sweet!!!) into glasses on the kitchen table which also had candles and some beautiful pieces of steak (yummy), baked potatoes, and this very pretty salad with edible flowers in it! I've never even heard of such a thing! I can't remember now what kind of flowers they were... but they tasted like flowers. lol. And they were purple! Pretty awesome, and very unexpected, and I dunno, I guess I wanted to brag a lil bit

Thanks, Babe! I love you!

Monday, September 3, 2007


So........ I was just thinkin' about what September 3rd means to me... There are a couple things, but this sticks out most in my mind...
11 years ago today, I was driving to Nikki's house trying to cross over Sheridan at Loretta, and I (literally) narrowly escaped getting killed...and also narrowly escaped killing an old man.... I just wanted to say that I am very happy to still be here with all you crazy people....

Hooray for seat belts!