Friday, February 3, 2006

More Updates!

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I made a few updates to the site - mostly to Samantha's page.
David's Page has a couple new things and will be getting more updates soon...
I also just posted the pictures from Christmas!!! There are a TON of them, so to make them fit, I made them small thumbnails that you can click on to enlarge. * Just a note: once the picture pops up, you might wanna click the box to enlarge the window all the way so you can see the pictures more clearly -- (that's the box in the upper right corner next to the red x).
Anywho........ so today was Mrs. K's last day until May - she's now on Maternity leave. She's due February 10th... which I believe was Laci Peterson's due date too. Samantha seems to be ok with knowing Mrs. K is gone for a while now - but we'll see what happens come Monday morning. She doesn't have school tomorrow due to staff development day, so she will be with me at the daycare center all day. Then she's going home with Grandma at naptime so she doesn't have to take a nap while I stay through and help with the babies. She's really excited that she is going to get to play with Maddie tomorrow! That's her best little daycare friend that she always played with. Maddie's about a year younger than Sammi and won't be in kindergarten til the fall. Sammi said "I don't know if Maddie will remember me -- she might see my red hair and then she'll know I'm Sammi!" lol. She's so darn cute.
Today for Mrs. K's last day, they made pizza together and watched Toy Story. My kind of school day! lol It sounds like Samantha had a blast! She said they also took a class picture with Mrs. K and that she's going to bring the baby in to see them once he's a few weeks old (she's having a boy). Tonight when I was putting her to bed, Sammi said "I wonder what Mrs. K is doing right now".  She just loves her! I hope she likes whoever she gets for 1st grade this much!
David's still doing great. Except yesterday he was put in time out at daycare for "jumping on his friends' heads"   I walked in to the toddler room to get something and he was sitting at the table looking very guilty... so I asked what he did and Miss Bridget (who is a new teacher, and is great with the kids) said "Yeah, he's in a time out because he was jumping on his friends heads". I didn't even know what to say. Not hitting or pushing or fighting over a toy.... jumping on heads...
After she told me that, David looked at me like he totally knew he was in big trouble, lol! I yelled at him for it too -- I don't want him turning out to be a bully. No way. We're nipping that in the bud.
...What does that expression even mean??
I'm soooooooooooo glad tomorrow's friday. Well, technically I guess I'm glad that today... is friday. It's 12:17. I can't even believe my eyes are still open... I had more to say here, but now that I realized how late it is and I have to get up in less than 5 hours... I can't think about anything else... gtg

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