Wednesday, February 22, 2006

5 lb. Hershey Bar

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There is this GIANT chocolate bar sitting on the desk in front of my face....  I hate it. It smells so good but I'm not eating it. Talk about death by chocolate. We got it as a gift at my Aunt's Christmas party, and we just finally ripped it open this past weekend. Yeah, that's right -- this past weekend. It's SO huge it's taking this long to eat it - lol. It's something like 5 lbs., it's a genuine Hershey's chocolate bar. I just took some awesome pictures of Jeff gnawing on it... he's gonna post them on MySpace soon I believe.
I miss my Sammi! I'm such a dork!! She is sleeping across the street at Kristen's tonight. Kristen called around 3 to ask if Sammi could sleepover and even though I wanted to say no, my poor little girl's been craving a sleepover all week long so I had to let her. She was so excited. She went over around 4:30. She called here around 8:30 to say goodnight and out of nowhere she started sobbing about how much she misses me and Jeff!!! So Jeff got on the phone too and we tried to calm her down but she just kept crying. So I asked if she wanted me to come and give her a hug, and she said yes so I did. I was going to either way - she was breaking my heart!!! So I ran over and gave her a hug & she was looking at me with those big blue puppy dog eyes and making me wanna cry. But she wanted to stay there, so she did. They were about to have a snack and watch a movie. And now it's really late so she's probably staying. She slept there once before and we had no problems that time.
The week at home with the kids has been great so far. I can tell they are so bored though... I think by the time Monday gets here, Sammi is going to be thrilled  to go to school! I  on the other hand, will miss her so bad it will hurt. I'm way too attached to my kids, lol!! The only reason I don't say the same about missing David is because we are in the same building together all day, since I work at the daycare center. So I'm lucky there, I can run in and give him a hug & kiss whenever I want really. I used to have that with Samantha at the old center I worked at downtown when she was 2. God I miss that place. I miss all my friends there...
So I love American Idol.

There's one girl in the top 24 who looks like JoNana...
Here she is:
Katharine McPhee       and              JoNana
Yeah?? Yeah, you think so too, huh? Cool. Jeff thinks so too. So anyway, I want Katharine McPhee to win. Not just because of the JoNana... (alright, sorry I'll call her by the right name JOANNA) resemblance, but also because she's got a great voice......... like Joanna! hahaha
So I guess that's all for now... I can always tell it's time for me to shut up when I start talking about meaningless stuff 

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