Wednesday, February 22, 2006

5 lb. Hershey Bar

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There is this GIANT chocolate bar sitting on the desk in front of my face....  I hate it. It smells so good but I'm not eating it. Talk about death by chocolate. We got it as a gift at my Aunt's Christmas party, and we just finally ripped it open this past weekend. Yeah, that's right -- this past weekend. It's SO huge it's taking this long to eat it - lol. It's something like 5 lbs., it's a genuine Hershey's chocolate bar. I just took some awesome pictures of Jeff gnawing on it... he's gonna post them on MySpace soon I believe.
I miss my Sammi! I'm such a dork!! She is sleeping across the street at Kristen's tonight. Kristen called around 3 to ask if Sammi could sleepover and even though I wanted to say no, my poor little girl's been craving a sleepover all week long so I had to let her. She was so excited. She went over around 4:30. She called here around 8:30 to say goodnight and out of nowhere she started sobbing about how much she misses me and Jeff!!! So Jeff got on the phone too and we tried to calm her down but she just kept crying. So I asked if she wanted me to come and give her a hug, and she said yes so I did. I was going to either way - she was breaking my heart!!! So I ran over and gave her a hug & she was looking at me with those big blue puppy dog eyes and making me wanna cry. But she wanted to stay there, so she did. They were about to have a snack and watch a movie. And now it's really late so she's probably staying. She slept there once before and we had no problems that time.
The week at home with the kids has been great so far. I can tell they are so bored though... I think by the time Monday gets here, Sammi is going to be thrilled  to go to school! I  on the other hand, will miss her so bad it will hurt. I'm way too attached to my kids, lol!! The only reason I don't say the same about missing David is because we are in the same building together all day, since I work at the daycare center. So I'm lucky there, I can run in and give him a hug & kiss whenever I want really. I used to have that with Samantha at the old center I worked at downtown when she was 2. God I miss that place. I miss all my friends there...
So I love American Idol.

There's one girl in the top 24 who looks like JoNana...
Here she is:
Katharine McPhee       and              JoNana
Yeah?? Yeah, you think so too, huh? Cool. Jeff thinks so too. So anyway, I want Katharine McPhee to win. Not just because of the JoNana... (alright, sorry I'll call her by the right name JOANNA) resemblance, but also because she's got a great voice......... like Joanna! hahaha
So I guess that's all for now... I can always tell it's time for me to shut up when I start talking about meaningless stuff 

Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Whole Week Off....aaaahhhhhhh :)

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I'm soooooo excited, I am off of work for the whole next week, and Samantha's off of school for the whole next week! So David, Sammi & I will be home spending time together  HOORAY!! I wish Jeff could stay home too. At least we still have tomorrow home with him. We've been having a nice, relaxing weekend at home... Samantha's school was closed yesterday because of the high winds, so she even got an extra day tacked on to her early spring vacation. That was nice. She was so excited, it was adorable! We woke up to howling winds and I checked the news -- 5 schools were listed as closed and I really never even thought for a second that they'd close her school b/c this school district has ALWAYS been the last to close for anything weather-related. I can only remember 3 times that they closed in the 9 years I went to school in this school district. Anywho, my Mom was sitting here with us after I got back from dropping Jeff off to work, and she said she bet they'd close Sammi's school and I just looked at her like she was nuts. The weather report said we were going to have very high winds, 30-40 mph with gusts up to 65 mph. Plus, around bus-stop time, it was going to snow so that would be really bad. Between 5:30 and 6:20 am, I watched EVERY school district come up as closed EXCEPT Sammi's. They were very last, finally announcing it at around 6:30. I really was surprised. Sammi was sooooo happy, she just lit up and said "I have 10 days off of school!" I think she was half hoping to go to work with me but then Jane called me at 6:35 to tell me not to come in because she wasn't expecting there to be many kids coming in. So that made my day, and Sammi, David & I had a very relaxing day at home together. 
The kids are both doing great. But actually, David's still not quite himself I think because of his ear(s). I think I might take him back to the doctor this week. I don't think the amoxicillin's helping much. And something wierd happened on wednesday at daycare. He was eating lunch and suddenly developed a hive on his right cheek. He wasn't eating anything unusual, just a hot dog and some fruit & veggies he's had a zillion times before. But this hive was UGLY. It was very big like a mosquito bite and then it had a red halo all around it. It didn't seem to bother him though. So he laid on his cot and took his nap and after nap it had gone down a lot but wasn't gone. And it's still not gone. Now it's been there for 3 1/2 days and every now and then it flares up to the way it looked when it first came out. It never bothers him at all. So if it's still there Monday I'm taking him to the doctors. I don't get it. Miss Adria thinks maybe he got ahold of a honey nut cheerio Wednesday at lunch, and that's what brought it on. But that was 3 1/2 days ago now, so that can't be what caused it. And I don't think it's the amoxicillin because he's had amoxicillin countless times for his ear infections, the last time before this being only a few weeks ago -- why would he have a reaction now?? And only one hive?? I'm going to talk to the nurse at his pediatrician's and I'll take him for his allergy blood test this week too.
The kids had a great Valentine's Day! Samantha had a pizza party at school and David's class had a little party too with all their little treats. OH and Mrs. K had her baby! She had him last Saturday, the 11th at 5 something in the afternoon. She named him Evan, and he was over 8 lbs. I guess. Mirabel's mom (Mirabel's one of the little babies I take care of at work) is friends with Mrs. K, and she said they are both doing great! YAY!!! Sammi & I have said a prayer for them every night that they'd both be healthy. I'm really happy for her. Having a baby is so amazing. Sammi's just happy because she knows now that the baby's out, it means she's that much closer to having Mrs. K back at school. lol She told me today that Mrs. K said she was doing a froggie theme in the baby's room "because she thinks the baby's gonna like froggies". lol she's too cute.
Well I'm not sure if all of what I wrote makes sense to you, I was doing what Megan does and just typing things as they come into my head without really checking my grammar, etc. Megan's awesome, isn't she?! Yeah.... OK, that's all for now 

Sunday, February 12, 2006

That went too fast

I can't believe it's already almost Monday.
 I HATE MONDAYS! We had a great weekend at home, though. We all played outside together Saturday morning and Jeff made a sled ramp (I think he calls it a toboggan ramp) for the kids, which they LOVED. They also loved being pulled around the yard in the sled -- we had SO much fun! David accidentally got dumped in the snow face first while being pulled on the sled at one point, but he was fine, he was having a blast. Sammi was laughing hysterically the whole time she was being pulled around. I just love them so much. I had a lot of fun with them yesterday. It's awesome to watch Jeff play out there with them too, he really loves to just let go and act like a kid with them sometimes. I love that. I want Saturday back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then last night we all went to eat at Friendly's and have ice cream with Jeff's entire family to remember his grandmother on her birthday. That was fun, even though David was in a pretty bad mood part of the time. His ear is bugging him again, and to make a long story short, he's on an antibiotic again now. Megan came over to play today too. She's awesome and we all love her 
YEAH, BABY! Sopranos is on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tony is the man.
Well I should get to bed. Oh yeah, we got our kitchen table tonight! Well, it's my Dad's table that he's giving to us because he's moving and doesn't have room for it. It used to be in my old house when I was growing up. It's still in pretty good shape -- the table itself especially. The upholstery on the chairs is worn out, but overall it's still a MILLION times better than the set we replaced. OK, so enough boring stuff about the table. Gotta get sleep so I am not miserable on Monday 

Thursday, February 9, 2006

Germs, Germs Everywhere...

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OK, so Sammi just got over being sick yet again... for a change. I guess I'm just going to have to burn my house down in order to get rid of all the lovely germs. (j/k -- if we should have a fire, I didn't do it. lol) I'm just so tired of it - as I'm sure she is too. So........ she stayed home from school again yesterday, and went back today. She first felt sick Sunday night... then she was just fine Monday morning so I sent her to school. But as soon as I picked her up from school Monday, all hell broke loose (literally. lol) and then she fell asleep on the couch for 3 hours. Then she had a 102.4 fever before she went to bed. But she's good now... and I'm hoping to make that last forever. UGH, lol enough is enough. David is somehow not getting any of these things Sammi is getting, thankfully. There's a ton of stuff going around daycare right now too -- David's room (toddlers) had 7 kids out sick today. And all the babies in my room are or have been sick in the past week or so. Monday only 3 babies came in, out of 8. Today we were back up to 6 babies, but Nicholas went to the doctor for the 2nd time  this week because he was wheezing and now he has Bronchiolitis. The doctors are saying this is the height of flu season... which leaves me wondering....... WHY do we bother with flu shots?! So many of the kids with the flu right now had a flu shot. What a waste. I'm so glad we decided not to let the kids get them this year. I just don't trust it, especially now that I am seeing so many little ones who have had it get the flu anyway. I was supposed to get one this year too because I work in child care, but no way! So anyway I just wanted to vent about Samantha's latest illness... 
So far so good with the new teacher. Samantha doesn't seem to be too affected by it... She's excited because tomorrow is the 100th day of the school year, and they are having a little celebration (according to Sammi) She's also excited because she gets to see Mr. B, her silly music teacher. He really is soooo funny, I got to see him in action at the Christmas concert, and he had me almost crying because I was laughing so hard. OK so I should go to bed. I always do this -- I have to get up in 4 and a half hours and I'm still here... typing away....

Before I go, I'd just like to comment on what a dumbass Britney Spears is...
That poor baby is in for a rough life....

Here's the story if you don't already know about it...


Saturday, February 4, 2006

My Little Monster

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So this morning, I was sound asleep when suddenly David came running into my room yelling "HI MOMMY!! HI MOMMY!" and started jumping up onto me on the bed. And the first thing to come to mind was "HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET OUT OF YOUR ROOM??" Damn it!! We always put a gate in his doorway when we put him to bed, and until this morning he has not climbed it. He will just stand at his door and cry until someone comes to get him out. But I guess this morning he decided to just climb over it. The bad thing was God knows how long he was up before he came to get me, because... 1) He is ALWAYS awake by 6:30ish, every day, without fail and it was 7:38 when he woke me up. I was still sound asleep and didn't hear a thing until he started jumping on me.  2) He had gotten Samantha's markers and decided to get out her easel and color all over it. Somehow though, his hands were clean and he didn't color on the walls, thank God.  3) He got ahold of one of Samantha's cassette tapes and pulled all of the tape out of it and it was strewn all over the living room! Plus, the TV was on, blasting, with Spongebob playing. I was so mad. I was going all around the house, checking out what else he might have done. But surprisingly, that was the extent of the damage. I'm just so thankful that he didn't eat something or hurt himself. Thank God we lock the cupboards with the cleaning fluids in them. So from now on, we're going to have to pull his door shut all the way so that he cannot open it on his own. We must protect him from himself. LOL
So....... Jeff's going insane watching the hockey game. Holy crap, he's loud. wooooooooooooo
Samantha's having a sleepover at Nana's tonight. She loves sleeping up there, I think mostly because she loves to sleep all cuddled up with Tiffany, Daisy & Emmy (my Mom's cats). She hasn't played with Kristen in days. Kristen called the other day to see if Samantha could play, but Samantha said no - she wanted to spend with me instead.  That was awesome. lol I bet Kristen will be in the picture tomorrow though. I can't believe Saturday's already over. Weekends go by wayyyy too fast...

More Updates

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K, I got 2 more pages done tonight while Jeff & Sammi were busy playing at Grandma's house 
Here they are -- Joanna's Surprise Party and January '06 (which I'll be adding to with Feb & March pictures too). Unfortunately I didn't take a whole lot of pictures at Joanna's party because our camera batteries were low. Oh well, she knows we love her anyway!! Thanks for the comment, JoNana!
Gotta get my butt to bed. My kids don't sleep in on weekends, so neither do I...

Friday, February 3, 2006

More Updates!

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I made a few updates to the site - mostly to Samantha's page.
David's Page has a couple new things and will be getting more updates soon...
I also just posted the pictures from Christmas!!! There are a TON of them, so to make them fit, I made them small thumbnails that you can click on to enlarge. * Just a note: once the picture pops up, you might wanna click the box to enlarge the window all the way so you can see the pictures more clearly -- (that's the box in the upper right corner next to the red x).
Anywho........ so today was Mrs. K's last day until May - she's now on Maternity leave. She's due February 10th... which I believe was Laci Peterson's due date too. Samantha seems to be ok with knowing Mrs. K is gone for a while now - but we'll see what happens come Monday morning. She doesn't have school tomorrow due to staff development day, so she will be with me at the daycare center all day. Then she's going home with Grandma at naptime so she doesn't have to take a nap while I stay through and help with the babies. She's really excited that she is going to get to play with Maddie tomorrow! That's her best little daycare friend that she always played with. Maddie's about a year younger than Sammi and won't be in kindergarten til the fall. Sammi said "I don't know if Maddie will remember me -- she might see my red hair and then she'll know I'm Sammi!" lol. She's so darn cute.
Today for Mrs. K's last day, they made pizza together and watched Toy Story. My kind of school day! lol It sounds like Samantha had a blast! She said they also took a class picture with Mrs. K and that she's going to bring the baby in to see them once he's a few weeks old (she's having a boy). Tonight when I was putting her to bed, Sammi said "I wonder what Mrs. K is doing right now".  She just loves her! I hope she likes whoever she gets for 1st grade this much!
David's still doing great. Except yesterday he was put in time out at daycare for "jumping on his friends' heads"   I walked in to the toddler room to get something and he was sitting at the table looking very guilty... so I asked what he did and Miss Bridget (who is a new teacher, and is great with the kids) said "Yeah, he's in a time out because he was jumping on his friends heads". I didn't even know what to say. Not hitting or pushing or fighting over a toy.... jumping on heads...
After she told me that, David looked at me like he totally knew he was in big trouble, lol! I yelled at him for it too -- I don't want him turning out to be a bully. No way. We're nipping that in the bud.
...What does that expression even mean??
I'm soooooooooooo glad tomorrow's friday. Well, technically I guess I'm glad that today... is friday. It's 12:17. I can't even believe my eyes are still open... I had more to say here, but now that I realized how late it is and I have to get up in less than 5 hours... I can't think about anything else... gtg