Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Stephen Colbert ROCKS!!

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My favorite guy is on Whose Line right now :)
(Steven Colbert from the Daily Show)
Oh, how awesome. So anyway...... nothing much is new today. I am very happy that my sister-in-law, Megan is staying in town instead of moving back to NYC right now. She's so fun to have around!!!!!!! And Sammi & David just LOVE her and would miss her soooooo much. Samantha was thrilled when she heard she is staying. I do feel bad for Megan because I know how important singing and performing are to her. But she's so talented, I know without a doubt that she will do great things. Things will work out, and I hope she doesn't get discouraged. I know she won't though. She's awesome, and I know she will overcome anything that gets in the way of what she wants to do. But in the meantime, we love her and are just glad we get to keep her a little longer!!!!
The kids had a great day. Samantha got to go play at Kristen's house after school with Kristen and one of the other little girls from their class -- Julie. Samantha seems to have lots of little friends at school - I see it as I drop her off in the mornings. They light up when they see her coming! I just LOVE that! Who wouldn't love her though?! J/K. I'm excited for her birthday party this year -- we're going to let her invite friends from school. She will have girls and boys here. She gets along great with both, which is good. In daycare, she always seemed to play better with the boys. She is kind of a tomboy I guess. I was too when I was little. She's a lot like me when I was little, actually. I got along better with boys, and I liked playing in the dirt and picking up bugs (anyone who knows me now knows I hate bugs and would probably be shocked)......... Anyway..... David had a great day. He is a little bossy with his little friends though. Today in gym, he was roaring like a lion and kinda acting bossy with everyone - then when Miss Leigh playfully roared back at him, he pointed at her with this serious look on his face and said "STOP IT". It was hard not to laugh, but I made him apologize. Well -- I tried to make him apologize, but he wouldn't do it. He just kept staring at me. So I took him off the bike he was riding, which he really didn't like. Sometimes he just gets into those moods where he won't listen to anything I say. Thank God it's not that often. WOW I'm writing a book considering how I said nothing was new today. I know I'm wimpy but I better get to bed. Have to get up at 5........ 
I lost 1 pound! 7 more pounds to go!
P.S. Meg got me addicted to MySpace

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