Monday, January 23, 2006

Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels........

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Yep, that's my motto. And it's totally true. Need to lose a little pudge I gained over the holidays. It sucks......... I hate it.......... But it's gotta be done. And now that I know that other people know, I will be more likely to stick to my plan  I did it before. It was exactly 3 years ago that I successfully lost 20 lbs. (and then got pregnant with David and gained it all back, plus 30 extra)... I'm not trying to lose 20 lbs. this time - only 7-10. I have been having a little trouble getting into the same mindset I was in back then. And there's been a LOT more junk food around now than there was then. But now we have lots of healthy food, so no more delaying it.... Woooohoooo gotta be thin enough to take the kids in the pond this summer! ........... Yeah, right.
Anywho... David is pretty much back to normal after being a monster all weekend. He was testing his limits and saying no to everything alllllllllll weekend. And you know, I hate it when everyone says "oh, yeah that's two year olds for you"... when my point is that he suddenly gets into those moods out of nowhere. Usually he's a VERY good boy. I just don't know why he suddenly starts acting that way every now and then and the rest of the time he's fine. Multiple personalities????
Samantha said her tummy hurt this morning again right before school. As we were walking into school in fact. So I told her to go to class and if she still felt that way after lunch, she should ask to go to the nurse. (Lunch is only 2 hours into the school day) So I thought that was fair. I was a little suspicious of her especially since she was fine all morning until it was time for school. I didn't want to pull her out of school yet again - I wanted to try and see if she was really ok. I called and left the teacher a message about the situation and asked for her to call me and let me know how Samantha was doing. She finally called me around 1:30 and said Samantha had been having a great day, no sign of feeling sick. She said she'd keep an eye on her, but assured me that she was just fine. She's such a nice teacher, I'm sad that she's leaving even if it is for the happiest reason imaginable... lol
Alright, well David's hanging on me so I better go for now...........

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