Monday, January 30, 2006

My Baby Girl

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She's growing up too fast 
She is always playing at Kristen's or with Kristen here now. And yes I know as her parent I have the power to say no she can't play -- but she's so happy when she's with her little friend, I don't want to take that away from her. She has a lot more fun with her than she'd have with me. But, Sammi does say to me on a day to day basis that she wants  to spend time with me, so that's good at least But then Kristen calls. LOL Oh I'll shut up now - she's only 5 and it will only get worse so I'll count my blessings now.
Samantha said today that she's sad and she's going to miss Mrs. K when she leaves to have her baby. I knew I was going to hear that sooner or later.... uh oh. It seems like Mrs. K is really preparing the kids for the fact that she's leaving in a few days because all I hear from Samantha now is that Thursday is her last day... They're having a little party for her that day, which Samantha is very excited about. I would like to send a baby gift to her that day..... maybe..... Samantha got picked as a helper at snacktime today too. She was really proud of herself! I'm proud of her too - I guess she's a pretty good girl at school too, not just at home
David had a great day today. He does this thing now where if he's talking to you and you're not looking at him, he will come up to you, grab your head and make you look at him, and he says "NO, yook at me! Yook at Dadid!" (I'm spelling it the way he pronounces it) and he gets right in your face, with his beautiful eyes right in line with your own with the most serious look on his little face. OH I JUST LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!! He's talking so well now too. He's just completely changed since he moved to the toddler room at daycare. He's so strong now too - today Sammi & I were sitting on the floor & she hugged me and David came up to us and plowed into us & pushed us both over with almost no effort. Didn't know I was that wimpy, lol.
Speaking of wimpy, I better get to bed. I have my early day at work tomorrow... yay. Alright, nighty night...

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