Monday, January 30, 2006

My Baby Girl

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She's growing up too fast 
She is always playing at Kristen's or with Kristen here now. And yes I know as her parent I have the power to say no she can't play -- but she's so happy when she's with her little friend, I don't want to take that away from her. She has a lot more fun with her than she'd have with me. But, Sammi does say to me on a day to day basis that she wants  to spend time with me, so that's good at least But then Kristen calls. LOL Oh I'll shut up now - she's only 5 and it will only get worse so I'll count my blessings now.
Samantha said today that she's sad and she's going to miss Mrs. K when she leaves to have her baby. I knew I was going to hear that sooner or later.... uh oh. It seems like Mrs. K is really preparing the kids for the fact that she's leaving in a few days because all I hear from Samantha now is that Thursday is her last day... They're having a little party for her that day, which Samantha is very excited about. I would like to send a baby gift to her that day..... maybe..... Samantha got picked as a helper at snacktime today too. She was really proud of herself! I'm proud of her too - I guess she's a pretty good girl at school too, not just at home
David had a great day today. He does this thing now where if he's talking to you and you're not looking at him, he will come up to you, grab your head and make you look at him, and he says "NO, yook at me! Yook at Dadid!" (I'm spelling it the way he pronounces it) and he gets right in your face, with his beautiful eyes right in line with your own with the most serious look on his little face. OH I JUST LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!! He's talking so well now too. He's just completely changed since he moved to the toddler room at daycare. He's so strong now too - today Sammi & I were sitting on the floor & she hugged me and David came up to us and plowed into us & pushed us both over with almost no effort. Didn't know I was that wimpy, lol.
Speaking of wimpy, I better get to bed. I have my early day at work tomorrow... yay. Alright, nighty night...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Stephen Colbert ROCKS!!

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My favorite guy is on Whose Line right now :)
(Steven Colbert from the Daily Show)
Oh, how awesome. So anyway...... nothing much is new today. I am very happy that my sister-in-law, Megan is staying in town instead of moving back to NYC right now. She's so fun to have around!!!!!!! And Sammi & David just LOVE her and would miss her soooooo much. Samantha was thrilled when she heard she is staying. I do feel bad for Megan because I know how important singing and performing are to her. But she's so talented, I know without a doubt that she will do great things. Things will work out, and I hope she doesn't get discouraged. I know she won't though. She's awesome, and I know she will overcome anything that gets in the way of what she wants to do. But in the meantime, we love her and are just glad we get to keep her a little longer!!!!
The kids had a great day. Samantha got to go play at Kristen's house after school with Kristen and one of the other little girls from their class -- Julie. Samantha seems to have lots of little friends at school - I see it as I drop her off in the mornings. They light up when they see her coming! I just LOVE that! Who wouldn't love her though?! J/K. I'm excited for her birthday party this year -- we're going to let her invite friends from school. She will have girls and boys here. She gets along great with both, which is good. In daycare, she always seemed to play better with the boys. She is kind of a tomboy I guess. I was too when I was little. She's a lot like me when I was little, actually. I got along better with boys, and I liked playing in the dirt and picking up bugs (anyone who knows me now knows I hate bugs and would probably be shocked)......... Anyway..... David had a great day. He is a little bossy with his little friends though. Today in gym, he was roaring like a lion and kinda acting bossy with everyone - then when Miss Leigh playfully roared back at him, he pointed at her with this serious look on his face and said "STOP IT". It was hard not to laugh, but I made him apologize. Well -- I tried to make him apologize, but he wouldn't do it. He just kept staring at me. So I took him off the bike he was riding, which he really didn't like. Sometimes he just gets into those moods where he won't listen to anything I say. Thank God it's not that often. WOW I'm writing a book considering how I said nothing was new today. I know I'm wimpy but I better get to bed. Have to get up at 5........ 
I lost 1 pound! 7 more pounds to go!
P.S. Meg got me addicted to MySpace

Monday, January 23, 2006

Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels........

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Yep, that's my motto. And it's totally true. Need to lose a little pudge I gained over the holidays. It sucks......... I hate it.......... But it's gotta be done. And now that I know that other people know, I will be more likely to stick to my plan  I did it before. It was exactly 3 years ago that I successfully lost 20 lbs. (and then got pregnant with David and gained it all back, plus 30 extra)... I'm not trying to lose 20 lbs. this time - only 7-10. I have been having a little trouble getting into the same mindset I was in back then. And there's been a LOT more junk food around now than there was then. But now we have lots of healthy food, so no more delaying it.... Woooohoooo gotta be thin enough to take the kids in the pond this summer! ........... Yeah, right.
Anywho... David is pretty much back to normal after being a monster all weekend. He was testing his limits and saying no to everything alllllllllll weekend. And you know, I hate it when everyone says "oh, yeah that's two year olds for you"... when my point is that he suddenly gets into those moods out of nowhere. Usually he's a VERY good boy. I just don't know why he suddenly starts acting that way every now and then and the rest of the time he's fine. Multiple personalities????
Samantha said her tummy hurt this morning again right before school. As we were walking into school in fact. So I told her to go to class and if she still felt that way after lunch, she should ask to go to the nurse. (Lunch is only 2 hours into the school day) So I thought that was fair. I was a little suspicious of her especially since she was fine all morning until it was time for school. I didn't want to pull her out of school yet again - I wanted to try and see if she was really ok. I called and left the teacher a message about the situation and asked for her to call me and let me know how Samantha was doing. She finally called me around 1:30 and said Samantha had been having a great day, no sign of feeling sick. She said she'd keep an eye on her, but assured me that she was just fine. She's such a nice teacher, I'm sad that she's leaving even if it is for the happiest reason imaginable... lol
Alright, well David's hanging on me so I better go for now...........

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It's baaaaaaaaaack...

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Well, Samantha has Scarlet Fever again She just had it right around the beginning of December!! Enough already! It's basically a strain of strep throat that produces a rash too... (more is explained in the link)
I was really kinda surprised. She's been complaining about a sore throat, but for the most part she's been acting OK and I was hoping it was just a sore throat. But she does have it. I didn't even see a rash on her until we got to the doctor's. We were sitting there waiting for the doctor, and she started scratching a small red patch on her cheek. Then it clicked in my head to check her for the Scarlet Fever rash that she had last time. There it was, all over her chest and back. It wasn't there when she got dressed this morning, because if it had been I would've kept her home for sure. Even the doctor was a little surprised that her throat culture was positive because she was in such a great mood!
So now every time either of them gets a sore throat, I'm having it checked out by the doctor. I know that sounds nuts, but after learning about the strep bacteria and the damage it can do if it's left untreated... and that they won't necessarily seem to be very sick... I'm going to take them in every time. The doctors and my boss & co-workers are going to hate me, lol. But I learned my lesson today. I'm not letting anything go anymore... It's funny, I went from being an ultra-paranoid mom when Samantha was born... to relaxing and not freaking out over every little thing as she got older and I had David.... but now, I've been wrong twice in the past week about both of my kids' health. I really thought David's ear wasn't infected last week, when it was, and I didn't think Sammi's sore throat was strep. So........ I guess back to ultra-paranoid mom it is! lol.
According to Kristen & Taylor's mom, they are very prone to strep. So I have a bad feeling we'll be dealing with this a lot if Sammi's going to be hanging around with them. The doctor said some kids are very prone to it, and strep does have a high re-infection rate.
I'm watching American Idol right now. I love this show, and I'm so excited it's back on!! 
I have to go wake Samantha up in a few minutes for her 2nd dose of her antibiotic so she can go to school tomorrow. The doctor told me she had to have 2 doses today and one in the morning so she would be ok for school. I'm proud of her too -- she really likes school now. She didn't want to miss it today and she's happy she can go tomorrow  What an awesome kid!
I'm glad she likes her school, because I sure don't. Like today - I told the front office that I'd be there to pick her up at 10:15 for her appointment which was at 10:45. They said they'd have her in the office waiting for me, and to just come in and sign her out. So I actually got there on time - right at 10:15. But she wasn't in there yet. The secretary said she called down to Samantha's teacher and they'd send her right down. So I signed the book and waited.... and waited.......... and waited. I kept looking down the hall at her classroom door to see any sign of movement. Nothing. After 5 minutes, I almost asked if I could just go get her, but I decided to have some patience. But after 10 minutes of them watching me waiting and waiting... I said "Would it be ok for me to just go and get her?" and the secretary said "Well, the teacher said to ring her once when you got here and they'd bring her down, and I did that." Then she went back to her typing. Knowing how difficult and ridiculous this school has been about letting me walk Samantha to class -- I knew that was the secretary's way of letting me know that I was not allowed to go and get her from class either. Fine. I didn't feel like arguing, but now I was getting really aggravated because this was going to make it hard for me to get her to the appointment on time. But I kept my mouth shut. After all, these people probably all know know about the bitch-out session Jeff and I had with the principal about walking Samantha to class... and for Samantha's sake, I don't want the school staff to have a problem with me. Finally, 5 minutes later - now it was 10:30 and I had 15 minutes to get to an appointment that was at least 20 minutes away with the traffic... the secretary got up and saw Samantha's teacher's aide in the hallway and reminded her that Samantha needed to be sent down to the office because I was there to get her. The aide said "Oh my gosh, that's right!" and ran into the room to FINALLY get my daughter! I was steaming mad by then - at the secretary mainly. I can't believe they are so insanely ridiculous about parents being in the building. I don't know, maybe it's just me that has a problem with this specific situation -- but AAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!! I can't wait til she's on summer vacation!
Alright, I'm done venting 
Tomorrow will be the 12 year anniversary of my Uncle Tommy dying of cancer. I just finished a webpage for him on our site:
I have been thinking about him like crazy lately. Today was the first time in a long time that I actually let myself really sit and think about everything that happened to him, and everything we used to do together. And today it just got to me. I haven't cried about him in a long time, but today I just needed to. I just miss him so much.
OK, time for Samantha's medicine... I hope she goes back to sleep afterwards

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I want my tree back!

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So the town decided to cut down the huge tree in front of our house yesterday while we were gone at work  I don't know why, but it bugs me. They didn't give us any kind of notice, and we came home to find it gone - turned into just a pathetic little stump by the street. It was on town property so there was nothing we could do about it even if they had warned us. And now today there's a bunch of yellow flags and spraypainted arrows on our lawn by the sidewalk, so it looks like they'll be digging it up soon. Lovely. Don't they need to give us notice if they are going to be messing with our lawn??? I just thought of that - because if they are going to rip up our lawn (the arrows are on our property), we have to know that ahead of time, right? I still don't really understand why they had to cut the tree down if they have to dig up our lawn... I guess I'll just have to wait and see what they do. Jill (Kristen's mom) was home all day across the street and saw them come to cut it down, so she said she came over and asked them if she could have the wood for her fireplace. They dumped it in her driveway for her. So there's our tree - cut up into huge stump pieces and laying in our neighbor's driveway.  haha. Like I said, I don't know why I really care - it's just wierd & it bugs me & I feel bad for the dumb tree.

So........ what else is new? Samantha is learning all about coins in school right now. She's learning what pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters look like (she even learned a little rhyme to help her remember them), and she's learning how much they are worth & stuff. She catches on really well.
Ohhhhhhh wow, I have to go change David. Gross. And I have to go get Samantha soon anyway. Just wanted to vent about the tree....

Monday, January 9, 2006

Counting the Minutes

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OK, I'm writing to keep myself busy right now. Samantha and Jeff went to the store, and I am nervous, just wanting them to come home. I don't know why I get this way  I always freak out whenever Sammi goes somewhere in a car and I can't relax until she gets back. I know, I'm a bit overprotective. It will be the same way with David, I'm sure -- he just doesn't really go anywhere yet because he's so little.
Hmmm... not much new here. The kids' new favorite movie is Madagascar (David & I are watching it now), ever since Megan brought it over last weekend. I have to say Jeff & I love it too, it's hilarious. "You maniac! You burned it up! Darn youDarn you all to heck!" Ahhaha that's the best part.
The Sago Miners story has bothered me a lot - I started following it pretty early on, and I was watching when they started saying the guys were alive, and then in the middle of the night I watched as they found out how untrue that information was. It upset me so bad -- I can't even begin to imagine how the families must feel. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am completely addicted to the news - especially crime and things like that (I guess that's the wannabe cop in me). Usually the stories I hear don't really get to me. This one really did though. I just don't understand why they didn't correct their mistake sooner -- the grief must have come crashing down on the families SO MUCH harder than it would have if they hadn't had their hopes up so high first. I do kind of feel bad for Ben Hatfield though. You can see he's heartsick over the whole thing, and he's so hated by the families right now. I don't care, I know people don't feel any sympathy for him - but I really do.
Well, Sammi's teacher is about to have her baby. The replacement teacher is someone Samantha already knows well from school, so I'm really thankful for that! I was afraid we'd be starting over with all the anxiety Sammi had if it was going to be a new, unfamiliar person.
David's wearing Sammi's piggie slippers, HAHA he looks so cute. YAY, they're home!!!
~ Tara ~