Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Getting back to normal...

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We did - despite the fact that ALL of us were sick within  the few days surrounding it. I had it first - last Thursday I came down with the stomach flu  Then 2 days later, when I finally felt completely better on Christmas Eve - Jeff, Samantha and David all had it. Jeff was in bed all day long with all the same symptoms I had had. The kids weren't as bad, but we ended up all having to stay home and miss the annual Christmas Eve get together at Grandma Terry's  (At which, I'm told, Olivia got sick on the rug) She had been sick already but was getting better and just got a little too excited too soon.

Christmas Day was great. Everyone felt better and the kids got wonderful gifts from Santa and were both very happy with what they got. Sammi got a lot of stuff that had been on her list, so she was thrilled. She got Floam, Littlest Pet Shop, Doodle Bear, her very own guitar (a kids one), plus more. David got a potty, a dump truck,  a little kids Hoover vaccuum that actually sucks stuff up (yay!) and a tool bench - plus a bunch of other things.
Christmas night we went and had dinner upstairs with my Mom, Dad, Lisa and Doug. My poor mother got sick during dinner and ended up really really sick within an hour or so, and for the next day. Then at around 9:30 on Monday, my mother called me to tell me that Lisa had been up throwing up all night and ended up going to the hospital at about 9 am to be put onto an IV!  Poor thing. She's pretty much back to normal now. It's amazing how many people this virus has gone through - it must be a new strain or something because this hardly EVER happens where so many of us catch it. Kinda scary.
Well, I'm off of work until Tuesday, which is awesome. The kids are having a blast playing with their new toys and I'm trying to keep the house in order. We have a big Christmas party here on Sunday for Jeff's mom's side of the family, so that's always in the back of my mind when the house is a disaster. But I'm trying to relax a little at least.
Well, David decided to climb out of his crib yesterday morning! I was still sound asleep, Jeff had gone to work, and I was woken up by these little feet running toward my room and someone crying - I thought it was Sammi of course, because David was in his crib and couldn't get out, as far as I knew. But then in ran David, and I almost had a heart attack! Then I thought maybe Jeff had stayed home from work and got him out of the crib, or maybe he got him out before he left for work - 2 hours beforehand, and I just didn't remember him telling me David was up. But the car was gone and so was Jeff. I called him right away to ask him about it, and he was just as shocked as I was. David must have just gotten out himself. But since he was screaming and crying when he got to me, I'm guessing he probably kinda fell part of the way to the floor. I asked him where his boo boo was, and he didn't point to any, so I guess he's ok. Thank God!! I put him back in the crib and asked him to climb out so I could see how he did it, and he put his one leg up and partly over the rail, but then he just stopped and cried & looked at me. So I guess that's how he did it! So we decided to make him sleep in his toddler bed so he couldn't climb out and get hurt  while we were asleep. That did not go well. He had trouble understanding that he had to stay there, and got up and played a couple times before finally falling asleep. Then at about 3 am, he woke up and came to his door (we put a gate in his door) and cried for me. Between 3 and 5:30, he got up about half a dozen times and one time he even turned on his bedroom light and started playing with his toys.
So it's going to take a while to get him used to sleeping in his bed, but it has to be done... He is 2, so it's time. I just never really thought he'd get out of his crib on his own, and we'd have plenty of time to transition him. Oh well...
I had a terrible dream about David last night. He has a peanut allergy (in reality). If he's exposed to them is he gets a rash on his face, and so far that's the extent of it, thank God. He's never actually had peanuts or peanut butter, just things that may have come into contact with peanuts or peanut butter. ANYWAY, last night I had a dream that we were visiting someone in a local hospital, and suddenly David was very swollen in his face, and was having trouble breathing. And since in dreams, you're usually kind of omniscient, I just KNEW someone had given him a Christmas cookie with peanuts in it. I held him in my arms, and he was wheezing and getting more and more swollen... and even though we were in a hospital, no one would help him. They just kinda backed away like they didn't want to get involved. So he was just getting worse and worse in my arms, and I was frantically trying to find a way to get him to a hospital that would help him. That went on for what seemed like forever, and then I woke up. I was soooooooooooo happy to realize it was a dream. He's supposed to go for an allergy blood test, but I've been hesitant to take him because it is a blood test, and I don't want to traumatize him.... But after that dream, I feel like maybe someone's trying to tell me something... UGH, that was awful.
Well, I better get my butt moving here so I get something done today. Sammi wants to call Joanna to see if she will come and play today... 

Friday, December 2, 2005

Happy 2nd Birthday, David!

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I can't believe our little man is 2!! 
He had a great little "party" at school today - we brought in little skippy cups of ice cream for him and his friends to share as a birthday treat. They all seemed to love it. Then for the rest of the day (when I saw him anyway) he had a blue hat on his head that almost looked like a dunce cap. Not this one - a little triangle hat that he loves I guess. He looked so cute!!
I'll write more later....... gotta get the kids to bed........