Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Starting to feel like summer...

  • Mood:  Sleepy
  • Weather:  Warm, Mid-70's
It's been so beautiful out for the past week or two, and we've been having a blast outside with the kids. We even started BBQing already with our new grill. It's been nice being home with the kids every day, but I am getting restless. I am just trying to treasure this extra time that I have with them, because I know once I'm back working, I'm going to miss it like crazy. Our driveway is covered in chalk drawings! Nikki and Paige were here yesterday, for the first time in God knows how long. Last summer was so great because they could just walk over here and they were here practically every day. But now they live way too far to do that and I miss them! I told Nikki we need to job search together, heheh. Working with her was the best.
David has learned a few new words recently. He is OBSESSED with guitars, thanks to Jeff  He walks around saying "gi-toww!" all day. And when he sees Jeff's guitar- he goes nuts. It's the cutest thing. We got a little video of him doing that yesterday, and I'm going to try and upload it on here so everyone can see it. Besides guitar, he's been imitating everything we say, and sometimes he gets it right. Yesterday he said "cheese", which is funny, because when you tell him to say please, he says "gaaaaaaah". He knows the sound a doggie makes now, lol. It's so cute watching him say it, his little face gets so serious and he says "WUH WUH". He's got such an awesome little personality, I never get bored of listening to him.
Samantha is doing great - she is always surprising me with how much she's learning. She went with Grandma today to Grandma Terry's house, and she says she ate "ham, broccoli, carrots and rolls". She's been very lovable and a little clingy lately - NOT that I'm complaining! And it's so awesome the way she always wants to take care of everyone. Once again, I'm just trying to enjoy it for as long as it lasts   OH I am so TIRED! I need to get to bed... Gotta get my rest for another busy, fun day with Sammi & Davey-Goo.