Saturday, February 26, 2005

Happy Birthday Party, Jeff!

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Well, we had a great little party for Jeff tonight. The first birthday of his that I actually got to celebrate! woohooo!! The kids entertained everyone pretty well, especially when David was chasing Sammi around the house playing hide and seek. Now when you ask him a question, he says "I don't know" and raises his hands in the air -- except he doesn't actually say "I don't know", he just hums the inflection of it... you know what I mean? Never mind. It's adorable though. Anyway it was a lot of fun. The only thing missing tonight was Olivia! But we will get to see her on Monday  A few things that happened recently that I haven't written about yet...Samantha knows our phone number by heart now! Woohoo, go Miss Erica! (& Miss Jane & Miss Jen) She can even dial it, which is so awesome!
David shakes his head & says "no" now. And he uses a spoon, which was taught to him by Grandma  He doesn't pick up the food with it himself, but you can hand it to him with the food already on it, and he shoves it in his mouth perfectly - most of the time. He seems like he picks up really well on motor skills and other key developmental areas - but his speech seems to be developing a little slower that I thought it would. I think Samantha was the same way, though. I think she only had maybe 4 or 5 words that she said regularly until she was 18 months, and then she started talking like crazy. So I'm sure David's going along the same kind of path, that's all. He definitely understands a LOT of what we say to him, he just doesn't seem to care to try to talk back to us just yet. He just smiles at us like he just loves to stress us out by refusing to talk  Hmmm... that's all I can think of for now...See? I told you this was going to mostly be a spot for bragging about our kids.

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