Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Giving it another try!

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Alright, I'm making another attempt at keeping this journal! Been a little distracted and busy lately. The kids had a blast playing with Olivia today while I was at work (they stayed home with Jeff). He took a lot of pictures of the 3 of them, and a lot of "silly videos" - as Samantha calls them. They're so adorable. I told Jeff I was amazed at how well he did with a four year old and two one year olds all morning! lol, just kidding. He's always been great with kids. Other than that, the day was the same old same old. David was having fun tonight laying on the living room floor with his cup of water, sprinkling it on his face & laughing his butt off. He thinks it's the funniest thing. And his laugh is so contagious, it gets me going every time.
Samantha has turned into a cleaning lady. She is obsessed with cleaning the house lately! Not that I'm complaining, but Jeff and I actually have to tell her to play! She gets so happy that she cleaned up... she puts all of David's toys away, sets up his stuffed animals in his crib for him, puts the throw pillows on the couch just right, and then she freaks out when David, Mr. Destructo, starts pulling toys out and playing, and "messing the house up"! But, I'm sure the joy of cleaning will wear off before she's a teenager, and we will miss the days she was a 4 year old cleaning machine.

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