Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Getting back to normal...

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We did - despite the fact that ALL of us were sick within  the few days surrounding it. I had it first - last Thursday I came down with the stomach flu  Then 2 days later, when I finally felt completely better on Christmas Eve - Jeff, Samantha and David all had it. Jeff was in bed all day long with all the same symptoms I had had. The kids weren't as bad, but we ended up all having to stay home and miss the annual Christmas Eve get together at Grandma Terry's  (At which, I'm told, Olivia got sick on the rug) She had been sick already but was getting better and just got a little too excited too soon.

Christmas Day was great. Everyone felt better and the kids got wonderful gifts from Santa and were both very happy with what they got. Sammi got a lot of stuff that had been on her list, so she was thrilled. She got Floam, Littlest Pet Shop, Doodle Bear, her very own guitar (a kids one), plus more. David got a potty, a dump truck,  a little kids Hoover vaccuum that actually sucks stuff up (yay!) and a tool bench - plus a bunch of other things.
Christmas night we went and had dinner upstairs with my Mom, Dad, Lisa and Doug. My poor mother got sick during dinner and ended up really really sick within an hour or so, and for the next day. Then at around 9:30 on Monday, my mother called me to tell me that Lisa had been up throwing up all night and ended up going to the hospital at about 9 am to be put onto an IV!  Poor thing. She's pretty much back to normal now. It's amazing how many people this virus has gone through - it must be a new strain or something because this hardly EVER happens where so many of us catch it. Kinda scary.
Well, I'm off of work until Tuesday, which is awesome. The kids are having a blast playing with their new toys and I'm trying to keep the house in order. We have a big Christmas party here on Sunday for Jeff's mom's side of the family, so that's always in the back of my mind when the house is a disaster. But I'm trying to relax a little at least.
Well, David decided to climb out of his crib yesterday morning! I was still sound asleep, Jeff had gone to work, and I was woken up by these little feet running toward my room and someone crying - I thought it was Sammi of course, because David was in his crib and couldn't get out, as far as I knew. But then in ran David, and I almost had a heart attack! Then I thought maybe Jeff had stayed home from work and got him out of the crib, or maybe he got him out before he left for work - 2 hours beforehand, and I just didn't remember him telling me David was up. But the car was gone and so was Jeff. I called him right away to ask him about it, and he was just as shocked as I was. David must have just gotten out himself. But since he was screaming and crying when he got to me, I'm guessing he probably kinda fell part of the way to the floor. I asked him where his boo boo was, and he didn't point to any, so I guess he's ok. Thank God!! I put him back in the crib and asked him to climb out so I could see how he did it, and he put his one leg up and partly over the rail, but then he just stopped and cried & looked at me. So I guess that's how he did it! So we decided to make him sleep in his toddler bed so he couldn't climb out and get hurt  while we were asleep. That did not go well. He had trouble understanding that he had to stay there, and got up and played a couple times before finally falling asleep. Then at about 3 am, he woke up and came to his door (we put a gate in his door) and cried for me. Between 3 and 5:30, he got up about half a dozen times and one time he even turned on his bedroom light and started playing with his toys.
So it's going to take a while to get him used to sleeping in his bed, but it has to be done... He is 2, so it's time. I just never really thought he'd get out of his crib on his own, and we'd have plenty of time to transition him. Oh well...
I had a terrible dream about David last night. He has a peanut allergy (in reality). If he's exposed to them is he gets a rash on his face, and so far that's the extent of it, thank God. He's never actually had peanuts or peanut butter, just things that may have come into contact with peanuts or peanut butter. ANYWAY, last night I had a dream that we were visiting someone in a local hospital, and suddenly David was very swollen in his face, and was having trouble breathing. And since in dreams, you're usually kind of omniscient, I just KNEW someone had given him a Christmas cookie with peanuts in it. I held him in my arms, and he was wheezing and getting more and more swollen... and even though we were in a hospital, no one would help him. They just kinda backed away like they didn't want to get involved. So he was just getting worse and worse in my arms, and I was frantically trying to find a way to get him to a hospital that would help him. That went on for what seemed like forever, and then I woke up. I was soooooooooooo happy to realize it was a dream. He's supposed to go for an allergy blood test, but I've been hesitant to take him because it is a blood test, and I don't want to traumatize him.... But after that dream, I feel like maybe someone's trying to tell me something... UGH, that was awful.
Well, I better get my butt moving here so I get something done today. Sammi wants to call Joanna to see if she will come and play today... 

Friday, December 2, 2005

Happy 2nd Birthday, David!

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I can't believe our little man is 2!! 
He had a great little "party" at school today - we brought in little skippy cups of ice cream for him and his friends to share as a birthday treat. They all seemed to love it. Then for the rest of the day (when I saw him anyway) he had a blue hat on his head that almost looked like a dunce cap. Not this one - a little triangle hat that he loves I guess. He looked so cute!!
I'll write more later....... gotta get the kids to bed........

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Perfect Saturday

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Today really has been the perfect Saturday. It's beautiful out today, and the kids have been in great moods. Samantha's new best friend (Kristen) has been over here playing for most of the afternoon, and they're being soooooo good. Earlier they were outside jumping in the giant leaf pile that Jeff raked. David came out to play too, and he loved it. Kristen is a sweet little girl, I'm so happy Samantha has a friend right across the street! And they're even in the same class at school. They're becoming inseparable!
Well it's time for me to start figuring out dinner - I think Kristen's going to stay and eat with us...

Friday, October 21, 2005

Happy Birthday, Olivia!

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I can't believe Livvie is already 2! We love her so much! So David will be 2 exactly 6 weeks from today. Tonight we're going to the Fall Festival at Samantha's school. I think the kids are going to wear their halloween costumes. They're both going to be piggies... I really wanted David to be a police officer, but I can't find the whole costume at a reasonable price. I can't believe how expensive toddler halloween costumes are now. Plus he'd probably be freezing in a police costume when we Trick or Treat. He's going to wear Sammi's old piggy costume that she wore when she was 3. He's not even 2 and he's pretty much the same size she was when she was 3 and a half.
Samantha had a good day at school today. I have to say that I am not very fond of her principal. She's just very.... holier-than-thou, and it's really starting to annoy me. I wonder if she has any kids of her own - I'd be surprised if she did. So anyway, I'm hoping to not run into her tonight. I better go get the kids ready to go. Will update later.....

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Starting to feel like summer...

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It's been so beautiful out for the past week or two, and we've been having a blast outside with the kids. We even started BBQing already with our new grill. It's been nice being home with the kids every day, but I am getting restless. I am just trying to treasure this extra time that I have with them, because I know once I'm back working, I'm going to miss it like crazy. Our driveway is covered in chalk drawings! Nikki and Paige were here yesterday, for the first time in God knows how long. Last summer was so great because they could just walk over here and they were here practically every day. But now they live way too far to do that and I miss them! I told Nikki we need to job search together, heheh. Working with her was the best.
David has learned a few new words recently. He is OBSESSED with guitars, thanks to Jeff  He walks around saying "gi-toww!" all day. And when he sees Jeff's guitar- he goes nuts. It's the cutest thing. We got a little video of him doing that yesterday, and I'm going to try and upload it on here so everyone can see it. Besides guitar, he's been imitating everything we say, and sometimes he gets it right. Yesterday he said "cheese", which is funny, because when you tell him to say please, he says "gaaaaaaah". He knows the sound a doggie makes now, lol. It's so cute watching him say it, his little face gets so serious and he says "WUH WUH". He's got such an awesome little personality, I never get bored of listening to him.
Samantha is doing great - she is always surprising me with how much she's learning. She went with Grandma today to Grandma Terry's house, and she says she ate "ham, broccoli, carrots and rolls". She's been very lovable and a little clingy lately - NOT that I'm complaining! And it's so awesome the way she always wants to take care of everyone. Once again, I'm just trying to enjoy it for as long as it lasts   OH I am so TIRED! I need to get to bed... Gotta get my rest for another busy, fun day with Sammi & Davey-Goo.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Happy Birthday Party, Jeff!

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Well, we had a great little party for Jeff tonight. The first birthday of his that I actually got to celebrate! woohooo!! The kids entertained everyone pretty well, especially when David was chasing Sammi around the house playing hide and seek. Now when you ask him a question, he says "I don't know" and raises his hands in the air -- except he doesn't actually say "I don't know", he just hums the inflection of it... you know what I mean? Never mind. It's adorable though. Anyway it was a lot of fun. The only thing missing tonight was Olivia! But we will get to see her on Monday  A few things that happened recently that I haven't written about yet...Samantha knows our phone number by heart now! Woohoo, go Miss Erica! (& Miss Jane & Miss Jen) She can even dial it, which is so awesome!
David shakes his head & says "no" now. And he uses a spoon, which was taught to him by Grandma  He doesn't pick up the food with it himself, but you can hand it to him with the food already on it, and he shoves it in his mouth perfectly - most of the time. He seems like he picks up really well on motor skills and other key developmental areas - but his speech seems to be developing a little slower that I thought it would. I think Samantha was the same way, though. I think she only had maybe 4 or 5 words that she said regularly until she was 18 months, and then she started talking like crazy. So I'm sure David's going along the same kind of path, that's all. He definitely understands a LOT of what we say to him, he just doesn't seem to care to try to talk back to us just yet. He just smiles at us like he just loves to stress us out by refusing to talk  Hmmm... that's all I can think of for now...See? I told you this was going to mostly be a spot for bragging about our kids.

Friday, February 25, 2005

A Sammi Day

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After David was born, Jeff and I wanted to make sure Samantha still always knew that she is our special girl. We were really worried about her feeling bad or left out of anything, or like the baby was taking her place. So we decided to have a "Sammi Day" every now and then. David would go to Nana's or grandma's and we would spend the whole day with Samantha, doing whatever she wanted.
So yesterday, we kind of had a Sammi day   Jeff brought it up because she has been such a good girl lately, and she deserved a "night out" - haha. So David went to Grandma & Grandpa's to play, and we took Sammi to Chuck E. Cheese's for dinner and games. She had so much fun! She loved the pizza, she loved the squish the spider game, and she especially loved the prizes she got to pick out at the end of the night. Jeff played a lot of games and got TONS of tickets for her, and she got a lot herself. By the end of the night she had a total of 516 tickets. She could've gotten a bigger toy, but she wanted a million little ones instead. And, of course, because of her obsession with "color animal friends", she picked out 7 little tiny plastic fish. She had a lot of fun, and it's the best thing in the world to watch how her face lights up when she's doing something she loves. She's super excited about Daddy's birthday party, which we're having tomorrow night. Daddy seems like he's really looking forward to it too, which is unusual, but awesome! For as long as I've known him, Jeff has never wanted celebrate his birthday, so this is great!
Well, I have to go get the house cleaned up...

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Giving it another try!

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Alright, I'm making another attempt at keeping this journal! Been a little distracted and busy lately. The kids had a blast playing with Olivia today while I was at work (they stayed home with Jeff). He took a lot of pictures of the 3 of them, and a lot of "silly videos" - as Samantha calls them. They're so adorable. I told Jeff I was amazed at how well he did with a four year old and two one year olds all morning! lol, just kidding. He's always been great with kids. Other than that, the day was the same old same old. David was having fun tonight laying on the living room floor with his cup of water, sprinkling it on his face & laughing his butt off. He thinks it's the funniest thing. And his laugh is so contagious, it gets me going every time.
Samantha has turned into a cleaning lady. She is obsessed with cleaning the house lately! Not that I'm complaining, but Jeff and I actually have to tell her to play! She gets so happy that she cleaned up... she puts all of David's toys away, sets up his stuffed animals in his crib for him, puts the throw pillows on the couch just right, and then she freaks out when David, Mr. Destructo, starts pulling toys out and playing, and "messing the house up"! But, I'm sure the joy of cleaning will wear off before she's a teenager, and we will miss the days she was a 4 year old cleaning machine.

Sunday, January 16, 2005


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Yes, it looks like things are finally getting done on this website. I know some people have already been checking it out, but now it's really starting to come together - the kids' pages are, anyway...
Jeff's feeling a little better, finally getting some energy and appetite back. It's been a rough 4 days for him. So far so good for the rest of us. Now I just jinxed it. The kids had a good weekend, they played together a lot. I love that they finally play together, it's so awesome to watch! David just walks around following Sammi, usually laughing his little butt off about God knows what. He's such a happy boy!! He's been testing his boundaries a lot. He knows there are a few things he not supposed to do, and he purposely does them and looks at us like "uh oh, look what I'm doing!". And when we say "No", he laughs and keeps doing it. His favorite thing is turning the TV off and on over and over again. He loves doing that, and he laughs at us when we get mad. Samantha really takes charge and tells him that he's "not being a good listener". She's so cute.
Samantha & I colored a lot today. She loves to color, and she's getting really good at it. She went to Brandon's house today with Grandma & Grandpa and Grandma Terry. Seems like she had a LOT of fun, she was talking a mile a minute about the sandbox and the swing in the basement...? Well, nothing exciting to say about this weekend I guess. A lot of sitting around the house and cuddling & coloring... My kind of weekend! Back to work tomorrow... Ugh, I hate mondays